Lake-town Edit

Master of Lake-town's house Edit

The Master of Lake-town's house was the Master's residency. It was known to hold secret compartments in case of emergency.

The house was destroyed along with the rest of Lake-town.

Bard's house Edit

Bard's house
was Bard's family residence before the house was destroyed in Lake-town by Smaug. Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and their companions stayed there for a brief while. Later, Bofur, Kili, Fili and Oin returned to the house, where Bard and his family attempted to bring Kili back to health.

This house was also destroyed during the Destruction of Lake-town.


  • Bain (formerly)
  • Bard (formerly)
  • Bofur (briefly)
  • Fíli (briefly)
  • Kíli (briefly)
  • Óin (briefly)
  • Sigrid (formerly)
  • Tilda (formerly)


  • Thorin and Company

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